Welcome to Desai Memorial School

Welcome to Goddard Park Primary School, the first and finest Academy in Swindon where, as is our School motto, ‘Everybody Learns, Everybody Cares’.

If you have any feedback on our new website please let me know at head@goddardpark.co.uk.

I am proud to have the highest quality staff team who have enabled the highest attainment of thousands of young people over the course of the 26 years that I have been Headteacher at Goddard Park. I look forward to this team bringing many more children through the innovative and exciting experiences at the School in their educational journey.

We work extremely hard within our diverse local community and always aim to provide only excellent standards of education for children of any background or ability. If you would like to be shown around our school, discuss our curriculum or review your child’s progress please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a visit.

Mike Welsh, Headteacher

The Six Classrooms

6 classrooms made from iron

6 classrooms built upon sewage infected land

6 classrooms with views which caused my heart to weep

6 classrooms of poorly clothed and dusty children

6 classrooms bare, no pens, reading books or learning tools

Computers what are they?

6 classrooms with young bodies crushed together struggling for space and air

6 classrooms full of happy and eager children with beaming smiles from ear to ear

6 classrooms bursting with children's laughter and song

6 classrooms filled with children proud to attend their community-created school

6 classrooms full of children with the desire to learn and the will to work

-By Zoe Grove-Welsh after visiting the Desai Memorial School

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    Goddard Park Primary School
    Welcombe Avenue, Park North
    Swindon, SN3 2QN

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    01793 342342 (Goddard Park Primary School- UK)

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    For general enquiries please contact Mike Welsh at:


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Car parking can be found in car park B.